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Criminal intrigue placed in the border between Mexico and the States in which Orson Welles offers a sharp psychological study of a policeman embittered by the loss of his wife who, in his quest to resolve the kidnapping will use any method, legal or not.

Masterly interpreted by Orson Welles, this character collide with the unbreakable honesty of the Mexican police role played by Charlton Heston. This basic premise: the confrontation of different procedures, with gloomy considerations about justice and legal processes, is the basis for one of the best films in the history of cinema.

Only the first presentation sequence, beautifully ornamented by Henry Mancini’s magical composition, is better than many director’s complete filmography.

Master script written by Welles based on the novel Badge of Evil by Whit Masterson. Stunning actors with secondary characters played by Marlene Dietrich or Dennis Weaver.

Atmospheric photography by Russel Metty for a plot developed in an hallucinogenic and baroque narration of the genius, in which we can find bizarre framings that emphasize the characteristics of characters and situations, his classical use of the wide angle lens, reminiscences of German expressionism, an extraordinary use of the mise en scène and significant camera movement make this film an almost mystic experience. Any contemporary attempt to innovate in the narrative or style aspects becomes a piece of junk in comparison with this gem of the 1958. Touch of evil, an essential film for any follower of the seventh art.

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