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This film is the ultimate version of Rafael Sabatini’s homonymous book and one of the best examples of swashbuckling done in a period of glamour and colourful movies.

It is directed with a fluent and dynamic action, has a pleasant sense of humour and a jovial atmosphere, with the usual romantic aspects of this kind treated without sentimentality.

Stewart Granger, a regular hero of classic adventure movies (King Solomon’s Mines, The Prisioner Of Zenda, Beau Brummell) has as antagonistic a refined Mel Ferrer, with whom he stars in a memorable swordplay during the film’s climax.

The female presence is wonderful with Hollywood beauties like Eleanor Parker and Janet Leight.

The choreographic staging is gorgeus in this dazzling entertainment of George Sidney, director who filmed a similar project a few years before: The Three Musketeers.

MGM’s glossy production with an amusing ending.

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