• Por Antonio Méndez


Movie Review from ElCriticon-AlohaCriticon

Adaptation of a novel for teenagers by Suzanne Collins. It is a dystopia about a future totalitarian society in which the government controls the individual, avoiding freedom and making a tv show based on a human haunting.

The result of the film is quite disappointing due to its excessive length and archetypical script. It mixes ideas from George Orwell, Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man, gladiator movies and, among others, Norman Jewison’s Rollerbal.

The failed attemp to make a sham and a satire of the media turns into a puerile joke. The intensity of the extreme survival experience is emotionally disconnected from the characters portrayed without any introduction and in close ups.

The claustrophobic setting is not exploited as a psychological factor. There is a lack of intensity in the competition and the pseudo lyrical reflections are redundant. The love story is insipid and the especial effects and artistic design seem to be cheap. The camera movement distracts the public’s attention and it is not a good thing that the prominence is placed in the camera.

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