• Por Antonio Méndez


Book Review from ViajeLiterario-AlohaCriticon

Holden Caulfield is the name of the protagonist of this novel by J.D. Salinger, the antihero expelled from school who will live a series of incidents in his coming back to New York trying to avoid his parents know he’s been expelled.

Bittersweet text written in 1951. First person narrator characterized by the near, cynic and brazen style of Holden, a teenager who was in a mental hospital for a while due to a mental disorder. He observes a context in which he considers himself dislodged and in which he tries to penetrate.

The narrator adopts incisive points of view and an overwhelming sarcasm, invoking a frustrating disappointment and wanted alienation that keeps the protagonist far from all the hypocrisy and superficiality that rule the adult world, all this concentrated in a weekend.

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