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albert-hammond-jr-francis-trouble-albumEl californiano Albert Hammond Jr. (“Yours To Keep”, “¿Cómo Te Llama?”), guitarrista del grupo The Strokes e hijo del compositor Albert Hammond, publica “Francis Trouble”, su cuarto álbum en estudio que es editado por Red Bull Records y que es dedicado a su hermano gemelo muerto en el momento del nacimiento, Francis.

Uno de los cortes del disco se titula “Far Away Truths”… something about the rules you attract don’t tell me that you made it up, we can always screw with the facts, don’t tell me that I’ve seen enough cause if I saw nothing why would I look twice… you’re always the last one to know, we’re finally close when you first walk away, there’s something about how you go that makes me feel everything you wanna say…

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