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courtney-barnett-tell-me-albumUn año después de grabar junto a Kurt Vile el disco “Lotta Sea Lice” (2017), la cantautora australiana con influencias rock, garajeras, folk rock… Courtney Barnett (“Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit”), publica su segundo álbum como solista: “Tell Me How You Really Feel”.

El disco, editado en el sello Milk!, está producido por la propia Courtney junto a Dan Luscombe y Burke Reid.

Uno de los cortes de “Tell Me How You Really Feel” es “Nameless, Faceless”… don’t you have anything better to do, I wish that someone could hug you must be lonely being angry, feeling over-looked, you sit alone at home in the darkness with all the pent-up rage that you harness, I’m real sorry about whatever happened to you, I wanna walk through the park in the dark, men are scared that women will laugh at them…