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fratellis-own-sweet-time-albumLos escoceses The Fratellis (“Costello Music”, “Here We Stand”), banda rock liderada por Jon Fratelli (Lawler de apellido real) con influencias new wave o garajeras, publican su quinto disco grande titulado “In Your Own Sweet Time”.

El grupo de Glasgow edita el álbum en el sello Cooking Vynil con producción de Tony Hoffer (Belle and Sebastian, Ok Go).

“Starcrossed lovers” es uno de los singles del disco… It started out as nothing in the strangest sense, he was never in his right mind, no defense… Romeo, Romeo, I’m your Juliette, I’m the pot of gold that you haven’t found yet and I’m here, right here, he said, Juliette, I believe every word you said, time is running backwards every single day, I’m here, right here…