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A finales de los años 80 surgieron The Magnetic Fields (“Realism”, “69 Love Songs”), una banda de Boston con Stephen Merrit y Claudia Gonson al frente que ha grabado sonidos pop, tecno pop, dream pop, noise pop

Su último disco en estudio es “Quickies” (2020).

Algunas de las canciones más conocidas de The Magnetic Fields son “100.000 Fireflies”, “The Book Of Love”, “Old Orchard Beach”, “I Don’t Believe You”, “Andrew In Drag”, “All The Umbrellas In London”, “Why I Cry”, “All My Little Words”, “I Don’t Want To Get Over You”, “Papa Was A Rodeo”

Estas son las canciones que suelen tocar en sus conciertos 2023:

1. Castles Of America
2. I Don’t Believe In The Sun
3. Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring
4. Kraftwerk In A Blackout
5. Born On A Train
6. Come Back From San Francisco
7. Desert Island
8. Kiss Me Like You Mean It
9. Andrew In Drag
10. The Flowers She Sent And The Flowers She Said She Sent
11. The Day The Politicians Die
12. (I Want To Join A) Baker Die
13. Candy
14. Drive On, Driver
15. The Book Of Love
16. Quick
17. ’01 Have You Seen It In The Snow?
18. Smoke And Mirrors
19. Papa Was A Rodeo
20. All My Little Words
21. The Luckiest Guy On The Lowest East Side
22. Death Pact (Let’s Make A)
23. No One Will Ever Love You
24. All The Umbrellas In London
25. ’02 Be True To Your Bar
26. Take Ectasy With Me
27. ’14 I Wish I Had Pictures
28. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
29. 100.000 Fireflies
30. It’s Only Time

Los conciertos de The Magnetic Fields en esta gira suelen durar 2 horas.

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