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Book Review from ViajeLiterario-AlohaCriticon

The french author Voltaire proves his satiric capacity in this extraordinary short novel. It is an ironic an hilarious critic to the philosophy of Leibniz, who affirmed, in his theory of the pre-established harmony that we are in the best of the world possible, and an incisively glance on the society and ideology of his time in a joyful trip full of difficulties for his protagonist, the optimist Candide.

Apart from being sardonic, the book, full of various adventures narrated in a light and simple way, results amusing and skillful in the exposition of the different characters and adventures that happen to the ingenious protagonist in love with Cunegunda, the Baronet Thunder-ten-tronk’s daughter who, following the ideas of his teacher Pangloss and, in spite of the unlucky reality that surrounds him, always look at the bright side of life. Masterpiece.

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