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Book Review from ViajeLiterario-AlohaCriticon

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, The Three Little pigs and the Wolf, Peter and the Wolf, The Werewolf… Why is the wolf a symbol of evil in the history of Literature? Wolves are actually innocent creatures and a good, lonely and vegan wolf called Denis, will be the protagonist of this short story. A wolf keen on mechanics, collecting and voyeurism that does not fit with the characters previously detailed, damned by the bite of a human to become a man during the full moon nights. A clumsy werewolf in the dangerous urban jungle. And it will be then, in contact with humans, when poor Denis’ tusks will grow.

Short story in the most refreshing, iconoclast style by Vian. Revision of the myth of the lycanthrope, framed in the lower depths of Paris and soaked by rich references to jazz music and plays on words, whose moral lesson could be resumed in few words: Ladies and gentlemen dare to stop being a sheep.

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