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This is one of the most important albums of the British prog group Camel, including the famous image of the homonymous cigarettes trademark. Produced by David Hithcock ( who collaborated with Caravan, Genesis, Marillion or Renaissance) in its listening we can appreciate the skillfulness of the group in mixing elements from rock, pop and jazz in its base of the Canterbury sound. This characteristic is specially remarkable in pieces such as Free Fall and Earthrise, both of them are beautifully built and performed and show a melodic preciosity.

Supertwister is a beautiful medieval imagery piece dedicated to the Dutch band Supersister and composed by the keybord player Peter Bardens, one of the pillars of Camel sound in his musical face to face with the guitarist Andy Latimer.

The instrumental theme counts on the fascinating flute of Latimer and the diverse tempo changes show the great capacity as instrumentalist of the different members of the band.

We can appreciate the influence of the world of Tolkien in the suite Nimropel/The Procession/The White Rider. Composed by Latimer, it is full of sublime passages ( the invocation of the procession with a marvelous interpretation by Latimer is magnificent). In special, The White Ryder, beautifully orchestrated narrates with the voice of Andy, the story of Nimropel, the white damsel, an elven maid who is in love with Amroth, the king of the elves of Lórien.

The other suite, Lady Fantasy is another of the high points of this great album, with a musical great interaction, rhythm diversity, great melodic moments and intense riffs.

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