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panic-disco-pray-for-wicked-albumDesde Las Vegas llega lo nuevo de Panic! At The Disco (“A Fever That You Can’t Sweat Out”, “Pretty. Odd.”), un grupo pop-rock con influencias pop punk, tecno, power pop… liderado por Brendon Urie.

Jake Sinclair produce “Pray For The Wicked”, un disco en Warner/Fueled By Ramen.

“Say Amen (Saturday Night)” es uno de los cortes del álbum… been traveling in packs that I can’t carry anymore, been waiting for somebody else to carry me, there’s nothing else there for me at my door, all the people I know aren’t who they used to be and if I try to change my life one more day there would be nobody else to save and I can’t change into a person I don’t wanna be, so, oh, it’s Saturday night, yeah, I pray for the wicked on the weekend, mama, can I get another amen?…